Angles, Shapes and Sections

Hollow steel profile beams with closed sections are called “boxes”. In buildings, metal structures, and tall overhead cranes, these types of products are suitable replacements to handmade beams with U-beams, I-beams, and L-beams, using steel boxes has an important role in quality, strength, and light-weight of steel structures. Ductility, weldability, resistance and dimensional precision, as well as superb surface quality of industrial square and rectangular boxes provides the possibility of using them in producing industrial machineries, reinforcing structures, producing car and motorbike parts, and also doors, windows and buildings.


  • Square and rectangular boxes with small cross-sections are used as metal fences for doors and windows of houses, handrails, and wall fences of factories and surrounded areas as well as the pavement fences. They are also used extensively in making greenhouse structures as columns.
  • Square and rectangular boxes with larger cross-sections, known as “columnar” have various applications in industry and building construction. These square and rectangular steel profiles that are produced with the dimensions of 60x60 mm to 270x270 mm in square cross-sections and with 40x100 mm to 300x135 mm in rectangular cross-sections and have the thickness of 5.2-8.0 mm can be used in production of columns and structures of buildings. Moreover, if these profile beams are produced with ensured physical properties, they can be used for the chassis of trailer and tanker vehicles.
  • Square and rectangular boxes are also used in car manufacturing industries.