Ductile Cast Iron

Material of these pipes is of cast iron type, and regarding their applications, types and rates of alloys, formation, and lengths of pipes and the fittings, they differ with each other.


1- Natural resistance against corrosion
2- Appropriate resistance and flexibility against landslide
3- Resistance against the electric fields
4- High resistance against impacts and damages due to transportations and displacements
5- Suitable for mountainous regions due to not requiring specific infrastructures 7- Easy mounting

Internal and External Coating

Types of internal coatings:
1- Internal coating with cement covering
2- Polyurethane
3- Epoxy Types of external coatings:
1- Zinc
2- Bitumen
3- Polyethylene casing (for extremely corrosive grounds)
4- Epoxy
5- polyurethane

Ductile Cast Iron Standards:

  • ISO 7268
  • ISO 6708
  • ISO 8179
  • ISO 4179
  • ISO 2531
  • ISO 4633
  • EN 545