Steel Plates

Steel plates are defined under specific standards. The popular standards in Iran is DIN standards (Germany). ASTM Standards (U.S.A) and GOST Standards (Russia) are rarely used. among the steel plates, the types ST37 and ST52 are included in more than 50% of the required consumptions in industry. Due to very low rates of carbon, construction steel materials, such as ST37 have appropriate welding potential. Thus, compared to other competing materials, they have more extensive applications. It is to note that by increasing carbon in construction steel materials, the weldability reduces. Hence, ST52 plates have less weldability as compared to ST37. Mechanical properties of ST37 steel include yield stress (235 MPa) and tensile strength (360-510 MPa), and the mentioned range is quite appropriate for different steel cross-sections, such as I-beams, reinforcing bars, L-beams, U-beams, and profile beams. Our specialists help you in a proper selection.

Types of Steel Plates

  • ST33
  • ST37
  • ST44
  • ST52